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Extract & Seasoning Oil & Fat   Spice & Dried vegetables
The extract product of PT. JINYOUNG are concentrated products
of various types of meat and seafood extract that are further proceed into
paste and powder which retains nutrition content.
The seasoning powder product of PT. JINYOUNG is a seasoning blend
of our pure extract added with other ingredients such as spices, food additive or natural
flavors and pure extract combined with natural flavor strengthens the taste,
particularly in the body note and aroma.
PT. JINYOUNG serves more than 294 products, Halal Certified
by LPPOM MUI with the following classifications.
PT. JINYOUNG produce beef extract and beef seasoning products with cooking method
profiles like Stewed Beef, Roast Beef, Boiled Beef, Meaty Beef, Brothy Beef.
Our beef extract products are stable under heat process and applicable to various culinary.
Our beef bone extract product offers strong Milky and Umami taste, which are typical of beef bone with
profiles such as Fatty & Meaty Flavor, Beef Bone Marrow, Boiled Beef Bone, and Meaty Beef Bone.
It is applicable to meatball broth, soup, dried seasoning and other culinary to enhance the taste
and flavor of beef bone.
PT. JINYOUNG offers a variety of chicken extract and seasoning products with profile such as
Roast Chicken, Boiled Chicken, Chicken Meaty, Smoked Chicken, and other profiles to enhance the
meaty taste.
Lamb extract products developed by PT. JINYOUNG offer a mild taste and aroma of
lamb characteristic. The product can be applied to enhance a typical lamb flavor to soup, sausages,
fried rice, and other culinary.
Seafood & Fish extract and seasoning products of PT. JINYOUNG are consisted of shrimp, tuna,
anchovy, tengiri, cuttle fish, and oyster.
It is used to enhance the taste and flavor of seafood and fish processed products.
PT. JINYOUNG has various vegetable & spice seasoning products, such as smoke dextrose,
curry seasoning, pepper mixed and garam masala etc.
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