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Herbaltropic-N Sambungnyawa++ Capusle is a traditional medicine which can help you to
improve immune system :
- Sambungnyawa leaves will help you to smooth your blood circulation and traditionally
   used to relieve diabetic.
- Korean Ginseng will help you to improve your immune system.
- Royal Jelly will help you to improve your immune system.
- Ginkgo Extract will help you to smooth blood circulation.
Suggested Use
1 capsule 2-4 times daily, before or after meal.
In this modern world, unhealthy diet, excessive stress as well as lack of exercises cause all
the kinds of geriatric and other diseases. It is inevitably true
that keeping you fit and healthy and away from those possible diseases these days is significantly
correlated with what you normally consume or eat in everyday life.
PT. JINYOUNG has sincerely developed a Indonesian herbal product (jamu) called
"Herbaltropic-N® Sambung nyawa++ Capsule" with Korean Ginseng that is full of sufficient nutrition
and consists of Sambung Nyawa powder, Korean Ginseng, Royal Jelly and Ginkgo Biloba.
In order to improve safety and quality, Herbaltropic-N Sambungnyawa++ Capsule is produced by advanced
process method and facilities complied with Good Manufacturing Practice of Traditional Medicine.
Sambung Nyawa, a natural plant that inhabits in Southeast Asian area including Indonesia, is long been beloved by the people as daily edible and medication purposes.
Sambung Nyawa, brought up from a rich soil and fruitful natural condition, proves itself of the benefits and advantages on human health from the origin of its name.

Sambung Nyawa in Indonesian has meaning of:
"Sambung = Perpetuity, Nyawa = Life"
This means, in English, a "Life Sustainable Plant".

Sambung Nyawa with its enriched functional ingredients is valued in Indonesia, Thai, and other Southeast Asian countries as very special daily edible plant to be used for
health maintenance and enhancement.
Sambung Nyawa (Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr.) is an Asteraceae family, perennial plant that widely inhabits in Southeast Asian regions including Papua New Guinea.
In China it is already introduced as traditional medicine with the name of "She Juan Jao" or "Fujung Jao", and another name in Indonesian is"Beluntas Cina" or "Ngokilo".

Sambung Nyawa grows from one straight stem into green and wide looking leaves. Oval shaped leave of it has sharp upper end with sow tooth shaped edges. When it is mature,
its length becomes 6-10 cm and its width to 3.5-5 cm. Unlike its sharp looking, its inner surface has very soft skin.

On the other hand, Sambung Nyawa is hard to be found in wild environment, since it does not have flower or fruit for breeding. Also it does not propagate via its roots.
Sambung Nyawa is being used as a medication for health maintenance and enhancement for a very long time.
Recently the efficacy of Sambung Nyawa is getting to be known to general publics. With this popularity, active studies are on proceeding.
Leaves are the main portion that is used in Sambung Nyawa. In Indonesia, Sambung Nyawa is consumed with meal (5-10 leaves/meal) as un-cooked or cooked with other
ingredients such as beef or meat of chicken.
It is good especially when consumed with fatty food for it reduces the absorption of lipid when administered with. Generally tropic area living people consume lot of fatty food.
Therefore it could be said that the old ancestors' wisdoms of the people lies on with Sambung Nyawa.
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