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About us Product R&D Community
Beyond natural extract products, our core products also includes food ingredients
vary from savory seasoning, refinery fat, spices and dried vegetables serves the food industry,
bread & confectionery and Indonesian herbal products well-knowned as Indonesian traditional
herbal medicine (jamu), contributes to consumer's wellness and health.
PT. JINYOUNG was originally established as a Research & Development Center of
meat and seafood extract, so today PT. JINYOUNG is renowned
as a pioneer of high quality paste and powder extract manufacturer,
providing Halal-Certified products from Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI).
Due to constant technological advancement and innovation as well as selecting
good quality raw material, PT. JINYOUNG is capable of providing good food comply
with quality management system for product sustainability and food safety
to fulfill customers' demand and needs.
In addition, supported by well motivated, skilled, reliable and committed employee,
PT. JINYOUNG complies with production process according to Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMP), Halal Assurance System (HAS) to serve safe, healthy and halal products
to the consumer worldwide.
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