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About us Product R&D Community
PT. JINYOUNG's R&D Centre is the core of an innovative and creative idea that improves to
develop various products on the concept of food ingredients.
With highly integrated experience and capacity, our creative R&D team has the competency to
develop innovative products as well as customized products at the basis of customer requirements
through the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.
This has become the strength of PT. JINYOUNG to create products with unique taste and food safety.
Equipped with advanced analysis facilities and under the commitment of quality management
team, PT. JINYOUNG is committed to provide safe and high quality products
comply with the customer requirements.
In order to sustain a safe and high quality product, our quality management team strictly controls
selective raw materials, products in process and final products by organoleptic,
chemical, and microbiological analysis.
PT. JINYOUNG is also committed to develop and produce halal products and
implement Halal Assurance System in every department.
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