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03 Awarded FSSC 2200 Certification Scheme for Food Safety System.
11 09 Launching produk “Tepung Roti J FOOD” danĀ  Maillard reaction flavor
08 Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification on Quality Management System.
06 Received Halal Assurance System Status from the LPPOM MUI.
08 Expansion to the Klapa Nunggal Factory in Bogor.
07 Granted a "Patent for Invention from Korea (No. 0501791)" for Sambungnyawa Extract.
01 - Received registration number from BPOM (The National Agent of Drug and Food Control)
  and achieve Halal Certification from the LPPOM-MUI.
- Received Certification for Good Manufacturing Practices of Traditional Medicine for the product namely
  "Herbaltropic-N Sambungnyawa++"
07 The launch of "Extract & Seasoning, Spice & Dried Vegetable" products.
01 The establishment of R&D Centre and the obtainment of Investment Permit from the Capital Investment Coordinating Board for
"Food Manufacturing & Trading" as the business core.
08 The setting up of the Gunung Putri Factory and the Relocation of the Headquarters and the R&D Centre.
12 The establishment of PT. JINYOUNG in Jakarta.
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